Pennyworth Teaser Arrives Online

We’re about to discover how Alfred became Batman’s beloved butler, as the first teaser for the Batman prequel series Pennyworth is finally online. For me, it’s always nice when a TV teaser really sets the tone for what the show is, something that I feel many trailers in the past haven’t been able to do (A Simple Favor, for example). It would seem Pennyworth comes as advertised a DC period drama which leans heavily on British iconography.

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The period aspect particularly interests me. I have always loved the various alternate takes on DC heroes. Aside from the fantastic Gotham by Gaslight (which had an excellent animated adaption with the great Bruce Greenwood reprising his Batman portrayal), I remember seeing Jonah Hex and initially being excited because I was getting to see a new side of the DC universe. While that film was not particularly good, I always wanted to see more of both those worlds because, frankly, I’ve seen what the modern and future times look like (look no further than The Dark Knight Returns or the Legends of Tomorrow episode “Star City 2046” for the latter). So to see the past coming to the screen in a live-action portrayal of Alfred Pennyworth is exactly the kind of show I’ve been waiting for. It also doesn’t hurt that Jack Bannon, who is playing the titular role, is no doubt going to be a future candidate for James Bond based on the images I’ve seen from the series. My only question is whether they’ll take a page from other DC adaptations and include Sean Pertwee in a small role; with the creators of Gotham at the helm of Pennyworth, I suppose anything’s possible. Regardless, I can’t wait to see this series when it premieres this June on Epix.
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